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November 12, 2017



Clearly this is a good thing. After all, Barack Obama, the most intellectually AND morally superior being to ever inhabit the White House, realized long before the rest of us mortals that Iran is actually our greatest potential partner for peace and a stable Middle East.

I'm just not sure what all you regressives are so worried about.


Gene made me laff.

Stephen K

"the creation of a long-cherished “land bridge” linking Tehran to Beirut and the Mediterranean. This is a prize of such enormity that even the great Persian empires of the past have scarcely dreamt of it"
Historical nitpick: the Achaemenids did in fact manage it. Famously they got all the way to Greece.

"This Iranian accomplishment is tenuous and fragile and could be broken in half a dozen places and a dozen ways"
And it surely will be, since the IRI will keep pushing until they hit something solid. The question is how long that will take, and how many people suffer in the process.

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