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August 09, 2017


Gibson Block

I don't support BDS. But if you have a weekend convention, Saturday voting is not a sign of anti-semitism.

Judaism is a minority religion. If people in the party are religious they are more likely to be church-goers on Sunday. So does Sunday voting make more sense?

The case on campus is different. It's a place of business and the students are there during the week so they can vote on a day that accommodates all religions.

Berman's not dumb. Maybe he's convinced himself that this weak argument is true. (Plus, most Jews who are socialists are not religious).

Mick H

Berman doesn't think Saturday voting is antisemitic. He's citing it as an example of the trivial stuff that's brought up by these people to show their antisemitic credentials, while they happily vote to get rid of Israel.

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