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July 31, 2017


Richard Powell

It's not at all clear Ms Rifkind's qualifications are for writing on NK - it's outside her stated area of expertise (the Middle East) and her grasp of the history seems rather sketchy. She was remarkably naive if she thought her meetings in NK would reveal what its people really thought. It would be interesting to know more about her trip - I wonder what form the initial pitch took, for example. The North Koreans must have thought her visit would be helpful to them, otherwise she wouldn't have got a visa.

Will the supply of useful idiots ever dry up? I think we know the answer to that by now.


Interesting how real North Koreans are haunted by events that occurred before most of them were born, but somehow the massive loss of life, in living memory, at the hands of their own government is never even mentioned. This comes one paragraph after some obligatory throat-clearing about how she was "minded."

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