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July 30, 2017



There aren't humans on this planet anymore only political vessels.


Did you notice that the word "black" is capitalized but the word "white" is not? That's a VERY BIG liberal issue these days. It is taught in colleges and some newspapers include it in their official writing standards. The idea is that black is a race, and white is an arbitrary collection of people designed to suppress other races. Ta-Nahesi Coates always uses the phrase "people who believe they are white" instead of "white people". The left is consumed and obsessed with race.

Mick H

Hadn't noticed that. I'll bear it in mind next time I write on these delicate matters.

John the Drunkard

Its only 'racist iconography' if you check the artist's facebook page?

This is just begging for a hoax. Remember Helen Demidenko? Or 'The Education of Little-Tree'? The widly successful Cherokee childhood novel that turned out to have been written by a White supremacist?

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