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June 17, 2017


Martin Adamson

"This time there really is something to be angry about."

For some reason whenever there are terrorist atrocities in Britain, Britons are praised for their calm, their imperturbability, their willingness to stand aside and let the authorities do their worst. The Blitz spirit, in other word. And yet now, in this single case, everyone is now being urged to do precisely the opposite. To get angry. To insult politicians. To confront the authorities. To demand action. To take direct action - including vandalism and theft - if "something" is not done.

Does it really not occur to you to wonder why this double standard is being put in place? It's almost as if there is some kind of racist under current, isn't there? White people are expected to keep calm and get on with things cooly and rationally whereas non-whites are expected to behave like brutes.

Mick H

Was I encouraging people to take direct action? The opposite, I thought.

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