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May 16, 2017



Wasn't Horton the editor when it published Andrew Wakefield's MMR nonsense and didn't he defend Professor Roy Meadow?

I'm staggered his career survived the serial errors

Mick H

I almost mentioned the Wakefield business, but wasn't sure if he was editor then - and anyway was concentrating on his political views. But yes, the Wakefield paper was published in 1998, when Horton was editor. At least the paper was withdrawn later. Though Horton claims, unbelievably, that he had no regrets about having published it - http://briandeer.com/mmr/horton-wakefield.htm

Wakefield and autism isn't mentioned in Horton's Wikipedia page - though the Roy Meadows case is - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Horton_(editor)

As you say - serial errors.


I'm not wholly sure how Lancet Psychiatry is related the the Lancet, but another published study is being challenged. This time on ADHD:

It's tabloid-esque how the Lancet seems to blunder into these things. Are Piers Morgan and Richard Horton the same person? The world needs to know.


idk why would you be staggered at Horton's defence of Roy meadow whose work protected children from abuse and exposed their murder by those expected to cherish them? Horton's earlier work was shameful and blatantly anti Semitic, grotesquely naive and grimly incompetent. he has had the grace to confess his foolish errors and repent of them.


Professor Sir Roy Meadow was one of this country’s foremost authorities on the sudden death of children in suspicious circumstances, but along with his colleague David Southall, was the victim of a sustained campaign of hateful ignorance by journalists who aligned with the child abusers, and the child abusers themselves. Baby P need never have died if either of these two experts had seen him, for they would have recognised immediately that the person purporting to be acting in the child’s interest was in fact the agent of its distress.

Mick H

I doubt Sally Clarke would agree with you about Meadow - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sally_Clark

And Baby P had nothing to do with it. That was a case of sheer incompetence by the social workers.


Sally Clark's children were murdered. There is no doubt about that.The injuries were extensive and typical of suffocation and worse. Disreputable journalists and an internet harridan of grotesque form lied and libelled because they had a story to run with whilst the public were more interested in poor Mummies being accused than poor babies being abused.

Mick H

No doubt about that? Gosh. Well, you stick to your version and I'll stick to mine.

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