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April 16, 2017



Do a post and song about Mohammed on Eid and I'll be more impressed.

But it's Easter Sunday and this is really offensive. but you're OK. Nobody will try to hunt you down and kill you, you brave man.

I've read the literary and cultural reviews. Challenging Christians about their faith, avoiding a sugary version of faith etc. But this is just gratuitously offensive.

Mick H

Well, ain't that a shame.

I mean...it wasn't intended to be offensive, but if you want to take offence, well....be my guest.



By chance, my wife is a great fan of Tom Waits. She's definitely not offended. On the contrary. Maybe because she also happens to like chocolate.

My guess is that Waits is Christian in a genuine spiritual sense. He supplied the vocals for "Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesus%27_Blood_Never_Failed_Me_Yet


Yes, he did.

But, trying really hard, I did find this offensive.On Easter Sunday of all days.

And I didn't mind Piss Christ.


Piss Christ is, um, drivel. It offends me for aesthetic reasons, though Serrano supposedly explained that it alluded to a perceived commercializing of Christian icons in contemporary culture.


What was offensive about piss Christ was the federal funding, a clear violation of the separation clause that would have caused outrage had it been just Christ without the piss.

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