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April 20, 2017



" ... the white male membership ..."

There's no easier way to signal your virtue. At least he didn't say, "Cis white male heterosexuals".

sackcloth and ashes

'It's not just a dramatic dive into the politically correct, then: it's a full-blown gift to every conspiracy theorist out there...the US intelligence services are framing innocent Muslims by planting bombs in New York'.

Which is all the more irresponsible given that Trump and his minions are now tweeting about the 'deep state' fabricating evidence of their collusion with Putin.

Fuck me.

What a time to be alive.

On 'Homeland' and its supposed Islamophobia, I seem to recall that in Series 1 one of the contributory factors to Brody's radicalisation in captivity is the fact that the then-DCI and future VP - William Walden - orders a drone strike on a madrassa full of children.

In Series 3, Fara Sherazi comes to the forefront as an Iranian-American CIA analyst who is treated with suspicion because she wears a headscarf. And yet she turns out to be effective at her job, and loyal to her adopted country.

Meanwhile in Series 4 Carrie Matheson is forcibly confronted by a USAF pilot over the strike she orders that ends up wiping out a wedding, which kills relatives of the Pakistani medical student Aayan Ibrahim. Aayan - a gentle soul who is grieving for his family, but also appalled by jihadi violence - then gets seduced by Carrie, and murdered by Haissan Haqqani. All of which contributes to Carrie's own psychological problems.

Push ahead to Series 5, not only are the main villains the Russians, but one of the most upstanding characters in the plot is Numan, the Turkish-born hacker who sticks by his own ideals.

Oh well, I haven't watched Series 6. I don't think I'll bother now.

Tim Newman

I gave up after Season 1, I never bought the motivation of Damian Lewis' character. I followed it by watching the original Israeli version, but even that lost its way partway through (more accurately, it focused more on the effects of the families). Then again, I gave up on 24 after Season 1 as well.


Seasons 1 -4 were good. Season 5 was shoddy. I'll give season 6 a miss. Thanks.

Stephen K

I watched season 1 but like Tim N I couldn't believe in the Damian Lewis character. (For one thing I couldn't help but see Richard Winters.) Lewis played a Marine traumatised into treason by the death of a boy he had befriended in an air strike. The premise seemed lazy to me - as though American servicemen aren't aware that such bad stuff happens and have a mental collapse when they encounter it. To me it seemed to capture the typical Leftist critique - that people can only support the war if they are either utterly callous or uninformed about the tragedies. Shallow stuff really.
I gave up after S1, my wife soldiered on but then gave up when the Damian Lewis character was killed. The context for that was also dodgy - a US-Iran deal that felt to me like pure pro-Obama Admin propaganda.

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