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March 01, 2017



Do these guys ever consider the possibility that the woman might be keener than the man? They should listen to the late great Victoria Wood:



If the wife isn't doing the husband "full justice" even by licking his pus clean, what more is she supposed to do? Swallow it?


What is so disappointing is that this is not extremism as Western apologists will claim, but Islam in its central doctrine of holding the words of the Prophet to valid for all time.

Rich Rostrom

Epidermold: Not necessarily. A lot of what these imams claim is in the Koran is not actually there. For instance, there is no passage in the Koran requiring women to cover their faces.

Middle Eastern cultures are intensely misogynistic. That attitude is reflected in the Koran, but the cultures take it much further.

In fact, culture trumps even the Koran. The practice of "honor killing" is not Koranic - prominent imams have condemned it as murder, and it is nominally illegal. But families do it anyway, with near-total impunity.

One might cite the authoritarianism of Islam as a cause - but Islam, unlike Christianity, has no formal religious hierarchies to enforce doctrine. (Except among the Shi'a.) There are ulemas and commissions of imams, but they are all ad hoc - arising from some local wave of religiosity or political backing.

There is no Islamic Inquisition in Pakistan - but random preachers incite lynch mobs regularly.

The disease is embedded in the cultures, not simply the scripture (bad as it is).

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