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January 11, 2017



It is remarkable how Russia can undergo major upheavals and end up much the same as it was before. I assume the key point is that it is a large backward country, whether it is run by the Czars, the Communists, or Putin. Its backwardness means that it cannot compete peacefully with many more advanced countries, but its size means that it can bully its neighbours and others who are not too far away. Hopefully the Russian elite will eventually decide that there must be a better way, but it's not going to happen as long as Putin and his pals are in charge.

Martin Adamson

Russia, like China, is an empire, but unlike China most of its empire was acquired only recently - in pretty much about the same time period as the British built our Indian empire. Like China, it can only stay together as an authoritarian state. If it were genuinely a democracy, it would soon cease to be a unified state.

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