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January 10, 2017


marc biff

What a maroon.

Martin Adamson

Did Putin intervene back in the 2008 and 2012 elections, when Obama was very publicly the pro-Russian candidate and both McCain and Romney took very hardline anti-Russian positions?


What a gang... Putin, Assange, Trump... right meets far left! An alliance between the "alt-right" and "useful idiots". Twit(ter)-in-Chief.


So the clairvoyant Mr. Drum can read the minds of voters and figured out that the devastating revelations from the DNC & Podesta emails (that (1) the Dem primaries were rigged against Sanders - surprise! - and (2) the media were Hillary lapdogs - who knew?) shifted just the right number of votes in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin to give Trump an electoral college victory. Amazing.

Does it occur to you that Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate, who ran a phoned-in, lackadaisical campaign, and lost in spite of having every advantage (money, media support, organization, an extraordinarily weak opponent who was more interested in attacking other Republicans than Clinton)?

Now, after Obama has greenlighted Iran's getting nuclear weapons (after a decent interval), has financed Iran's terror and military adventures, and has absent-mindedly set the Middle East on fire and given it as a gift-wrapped package to Iran and Russia - now, you're worried that Trump is the real danger?

Anyone who shares Obama's "values" can have them. I wish a person other than Trump were becoming president, but I am relieved that the next president will not be part of the same party that brought us the last eight years of shame and disaster. Trump will probably be bad, but how could he be worse?

Mick H

How could he be worse? Stay tuned.


A Trump presidency may well make Obama look rather better than he actually was.



On the domestic front Obama wasn't too bad. But his Nobel was (in advance!?!) for foreign policy. And I doubt you'll find many people in Aleppo cheering either Obama or his successor.

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