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December 27, 2016


Stephen Stratford

What Liel Leibovitz says about New Zealand's early history is fair, and does make NZ's support for this resolution embarrassing to say the least, but over the last 30 years or so major reparations have been made for the land thefts - there has been a long settlement process which both left- and right-wing governing parties have supported. So "the current realities of New Zealand’s treatment of its indigenous Maori population" are not quite as presented. For example, Ngai Tahu in the South Island, and Tainui in the North where I live, are both major forces in the national economy.

This, from the article, is astonishingly patronising:
"Israeli legal experts and others will hopefully help the Maori to erect a framework for negotiations that addresses the continuing European occupation of 4 million acres of Maori land that was seized by force in 1863, in defiance of legal treaty obligations."

I don't know a Maori who wouldn't find that offer of "help" insulting. See https://waitangitribunal.govt.nz.

I don't think Mr Leibovitz knows much about modern New Zealand.

Mick H

Thanks for the info. It's not my area of expertise, but yes, I've always had the impression that the NZ treatment of Maoris was - relatively - decent.

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