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September 29, 2016



Sounds like a good read. I hope I will see the day that we are also allowed a more nuanced opinion of the Crusades -- instead of the current fear of even using the word Crusade.


It's very good. Highly recommended.
For a better view of the Crusades, try Jonathan Riley-Smith - very good, or Thomas MaddenThe new concise history of the Crusades.
Why, it's almost like our betters were telling stories about the terrible West and horrible Christians and the noble Muslims.

Martin Adamson

It is just amazing to see how many people fall for the myth that the Muslim Arabs preserved Greek learning. Do they ever stop and think for a moment how ridiculous it is to imagine that the Byzantine Greeks themselves somehow forgot to speak, read and write their own language?

John the Drunkard

And the myth of the heroic Christian 'reconquista' should be retired too. Even El Cid spent much of his military career fighting FOR the Muslim state of Zaragosa against the expansionism of the Catalans.

When the Muslim (Taifa) states were weak and divided, many stayed independent by buying 'protection' from their Christian Neighbors. Supposedly a lot of their cultural flourishing took place while they were so sheltered.

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