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June 26, 2016


peter h

Blimey, these people must be really desperate. Having fought for years and in some cases for decades for a chance to leave the EU, the likes of Gove et al. now having that chance within their grasp are now going to turn round and say it was never really possible? Insane.


Agreed. Sounds like some mighty strong wishful thinking. Too assertive, not so analytical. But maybe that's just me thinking wishfully.


At the same time, 52% for a decision of this magnitude? That's pretty slim for an advisory referendum. I doubt Cameron outwitted anyone but himself.


Delusional. Someone who thinks they are clever not being very clever. He does realise that if Labour or the Conservatives reject this result they will be destroyed at the next election?

Mick H

By whom? UKIP? It'll increase the cynicism and sense of grievance of those who voted Leave, yes, and UKIP will capitalise on that, but "destroyed" is way too strong. Labour are at greater risk than the Tories, I'd say.

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