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June 02, 2016


sackcloth and ashes

Ah Gavin Sibthorpe. What an utter melt.

There's that moment at the end of the documentary when he says (in response to a question about Labour MPs) that 'we've got to let Jeremy fail by himself'.

Then he realises he's said something that could get him lynched by the Jezzbollah, at which point he hastily says 'of course, he's not going to fail ...'

It almost made me laugh. Almost.

Martin Adamson

I've been saying it right from the beginning. The problem with Jeremy Corbyn is that he is actually as thick as mince. Went to very good schools, scraped a couple of very marginal A-levels, barely got into a low-ranked Poly to do a micky mouse degree and dropped out after about a term....everyone of my generation and background knows exactly what that means.


And it comes to something when David Aaronovitch is suggesting that even he would probably vote Tory to keep this crew out of power.

sackcloth and ashes

'The problem with Jeremy Corbyn is that he is actually as thick as mince'.

Indeed. And what's worse for him (and Labour) is that he's got a massive chip on his shoulder about this.

I've worked for and with people who are not particularly bright. But the thing is that they know it, are humble enough to recognise it, and often have enough common sense to work with smarter people to achieve a common goal. They don't mind if they're not the smartest guy (or girl) in the room; so long as they're authority is not undermined and the objectives set are being achieved they'll accept the fact that they'll delegate to the brains trust.

Corbyn clearly can't do that. He's been in a comfort zone where uttering boiler-plate rhetoric in small meetings or slightly larger rallies of people who violently agree with each other has been a substitute for actual achievement. Now he's in a job where he is out of his depth, and his resentment towards others - MPs who dare to do what he repeatedly did and defy the leadership; the press etc - is evident.

Look at that bit in the video after IDS resigns, and Corbyn says 'It's not my job to show how bad the government is'. That's practically Rule 1 in the guide 'How To Be a Leader of the Opposition'. He has a golden opportunity to humiliate the Tory front bench, and he squanders it for a rambling rant about refugees (and a hypocritical one as well - why are the Syrians fleeing their country, Jezza?).

Corbyn is not only a moron. He's also too small-minded to realise that his only chance of success is to build a team around him that offsets his weaknesses. Instead, he's got the Stalinist Milne, the Class War cretin Fisher, and nice-but-dim fanboys like Sibthorpe, not to mention McDonnell, Abbott and other non-entities.

This is his team. These are the people he has chosen to fight a ramshackle government that's in a state of semi-civil war.


But they're not really interested in fighting the government. They're fighting "The System."


Maybe Corbyn thought appointing Milne was a matter of 'work[ing] with smarter people to achieve a common goal'. After all Milne has published all those articles in the Guardian about so many different subjects.

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