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August 22, 2013



"One day there will be a reckoning." That depends entirely on who wins. Demography is destiny. Darwin knew as much.


...spoke the sage ominously before disappearing into cyberspace. "...Darwin knew..."


'Owen Jones, the Peter Hitchens of the left'

Very nice. I wonder which of the two would be most irritated by the comparison.


The problem with Dawkins is that his dogmatism with regard to religion and his bumptious ignorance of history is so extreme that he is actually destroying his scientific reputation as well.


When did this happen? Was it his comments about Islam that brought this on? Is this a British phenomenon? He's always seemed pretty popular among the lefty intelligentsia here in the US.

About the conclusion -- I know what genital mutilation and forced marriage are; what is a "religious threat"?


Clazy, you are correct. What Dawkins has shown is that in the ideology of the European left, Islam operates like the King on a chessboard. Every single other piece - feminism, gay rights, social equality, freedom of speech, atheism, ecology, protection of the indigenous working class - must be ruthlessly sacrificed to protect it.


I much prefer Dawkins to the other new atheists. But what I don't understand is why they care so much about it. All religions except one are fairly harmless comforting superstitions, and as an answer to the question "why is there something and not nothing" it's as good as any. I just don't see that the world would be better off without religion, except one.

Mick H

"All religions except one are fairly harmless"...over there, surely, that's hardly the case, with the Christian Right and all.


Come off it, this idea that the Christian Right is a sinister terrorist entity is a complete Guardianista fiction. More people in America are killed by ants than by the Christian Right.


I have to agree, Mick -- unless you mean that the only harmless religion is a dead religion, i.e., one that nobody takes seriously. And then I'd have to question your notion of harm.

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