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January 15, 2013


Richard Powell

It does go on and on, doesn't it? The individual portions are tasty, but overall it's like a 14lb Christmas pudding - far too much to consume at a dozen sittings. I haven't read the lot, for the obvious reason, but it strikes me that some of the contributions are decidedly parochial. I thought John Naughton was good, Karl Sabbagh very bad indeed, and Brian Eno distressingly conventional in an "it's all our fault" sort of way. But then I've long thought that no-one who performs should command any off-stage attention.

Incidentally I've met an awful lot of people of all sorts and conditions. Anyone who, after the age of about 30, who regards him- or herself as especially complex or sophisticated needs his or her arse kicked. Those who pander to such delusions should not get off so lightly..

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