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January 20, 2013



What can you say.


"... The wife is pregnant. Got it". A whole lot of semen got pumped into that guy, I bet.


"I’d like to point out to the viewers the beautiful, civilized, and sublime prophetic language. “Irrigating the seed” means copulating with a woman. This is a sublime prophetic phrasing"

Yeah, "sublime". That captures it.

Joins other high art like Confessions of a Window Cleaner and Carry On Girls.

Mick H

Yes he certainly had a way with words, that Prophet.

This business with the seed: it's not clear to me whether you're not supposed to irrigate another man's seed because you don't want to increase the intelligence of another man's child, or because it will damage the child, ie it's only the father's seed which has the desired effect.

We await further advances in the wondrous science of Islam to answer these questions.

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