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November 18, 2012



I think I must have missed something. Was she getting a certificate for 25 years service? That means she joined the police when she was about 15?

Mick H

Yes, 25 years service. I think she's meant to be mid to late-forties.

no good boyo

Top entertainment, but as you show there's a sign of the surfboard approaching the shark at top speed. Just as well this is the last series.

Dawn Stockley

Dear BBC how do you do it? This is fantastic drama at its very best, every episode leaves me wanting more and wishing the week away, im a middle aged professional woman for goodness sake !!!

These amazing series from Denmark have proved beyond doubt that we should always look outside our own garden, we should nurture what we have have within but we should also embrace what is outside. Whoever took the chance on behalf of the licence payer and bought the TV rights should be DG in my book. Well done and keep looking and embracing. Congratulations to the cast of all 3 series, it was brilliant, thank you.

Jo Saunders

When will series three be shown again?

Mick H

Sorry Jo - I've no idea.

marc burkett

Thank heaven the BBC broadcasts this series or i
would never watch television, great stuff !

R W Kirchhoff

Great Stuff, indeed. This is a FABULOUS series! WOW!

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