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November 23, 2012



If such stuff get onto the MSM once or twice without caveats, you can forgive the odd mistake. But when it goes on throughout a conflict, after such tricks have been pointed out for years, and no withdrawals or apologies are issued, you can only attribute such behaviour (by the MSM) to malice.

That Hamas and an unfortunately high proportion of Muslim outlets are malicious towards the West and the Jews is something that anyone with eyes can see. That our own pundits and opinion formers show such footage without caveat is about as deep a betrayal of truth as it is possible to imagine - blindness is too much of a stretch to attribute to our intelligentsia.

One day such people will wake up and find that their freedom to express opinions has gone, removed in a thousand cuts by political correctness and Frankfurt School subterfuge. Then it will be too late to repent. We are closer to such a tipping point than most of us would wish to admit.

Spengler reviews Andrew Bostom's Sharia vs. Freedom. The parallels between the apologies of our current intellectuals (particularly of the Left) for the current Muslim Brotherhood agenda and tactics, with those of a previous group of intellectual for those of the Nazis, are chilling.

Mick H

Thanks for the link. Sounds like an interesting book.

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