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November 30, 2012



A year ago you posted about Iraq's seven remaining Jews:


Does this mean that they have left or been killed? I hope, for those seven people, that the diagram is incorrect.

On a more pedantic note, in the post that I refer to above you say "the decimation of the Jewish communities across the Arab world...", but, as the map shows, it's much more than a decimation...

Mick H

I've no more info on those seven remaining Jews, but seven is near enough to zero anyway - certainly compared to the pre-WW11 numbers.


You will get similar figures for other ethnicities, especially Armenians and Greeks, who up until WWII made up most of the Middle East's mercantile class.


Can't find it, but Alan Yentob - a scion of Iraqi Jews - had a piece on Radio4 about the Farhud. It was enough to make even me listen to Radio4.



The UN Special Report on Palestine did a demographic study in 1947 which clearly showed there were in fact 1.2 million Arabs living there (not 150,000).

Today, Israeli demographic studies state that there are 1.4 million Arabs living in Israel (not 1.64 million).

So you lied twice right there.

Aside from that, your interpretation of ethnic cleansing is absurd. The number of Jewish people living in every country has significantly declined from 1948 due to immigration to Israel. So by your definition, every country in the world has engaged in Ethnic Cleansing against Jewish people, not just the Arab States. The countries who have ethnically cleansed Jewish population (by your definition) include Canada, US, Australia etc all of whom were extremely pro-Israeli.

Mick H

I didn't put this map together, as should be obvious. It's from Jews News. Take it up with them if you've got a problem.

I don't know where they got their figures from, but it's worth pointing out that your 1.2 million refers to the whole of Palestine, including Gaza and the West Bank, which is where the vast majority of Arabs lived at the time. Nice try though.

And if you can't see the difference between Jews leaving Canada and the US for Israel, and Jews being driven out of countries like Iraq by the rising tide anti-Semitism, well, there's not much point in debate, really - is there?

But I think we knew that already...


Poyani - the map is showing how many Arabs live inside Israel, not in all of mandatory Palestine, in 1948 and today.

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