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November 14, 2012



Simply amazing leap of reasoning. Purely as a metaphor, this could have served. But suggesting that the different numbering actually stems from philosophy differences - that's *genius* for you.

“There are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them.” - George Orwell

No Good Boyo

In Russia the ground floor is also called the "first floor". Over to you, Slavoj.


In Europe "pavement" carries the signifier of work done. It captures the idea that the land had to be paved with labour and materials - it records the blood sweat and tears and manipulation of nature. It represents a memorial to the efforts of workers past.

In comparison the US word "sidewalk" is an instruction that pedestrians must step aside to grant the privileged an unimpeded passage. A second class citizenry literally relegated to the side of society to make way for the primary class of wealthy car and truck owners. This open sore is a constant reminder of the ongoing segregation in Capitalist America today.

Mick H

A career as radical philosopher awaits, TDK.


So, in effect, the ground level is '0' (zero), or to put it another way, 'nothing'?
The underground parking of course becomes 'less than nothing'...


In the US, they park their cars on driveways, and drive on parkways -- a profoundly disturbed people.

Recruiting Animal

You made me laff

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