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August 29, 2012



It would be mildly interesting to see the citation. Perhaps it is for embodying Adorno's characterisation of the fashionably "progressive" intellectual? No apology for quoting him at some length - from Minima Moralia, in the essay on "Expensive reproduction".

"Even those intellectuals who have all the political arguments against bourgeois ideology at their fingertips, undergo a process of standardisation... What they subjectively fancy radical, belongs objectively so entirely to the compartment in the pattern reserved for their like, that radicalism is debased to abstract prestige, legitimation for those who know what an intellectual nowadays has to be for and what against... Every opinion earns the approbation of friends, every argument is known by them beforehand... Ambition aims solely at expertise in the accepted stock-in-trade, hitting on the correct slogan... To see them as renegades is to assess them too high; they mark mediocre faces with horn-rimmed spectacles betokening "brilliance", though with plain-glass lenses, solely in order to better themselves in their own eyes and in the general rat-race."

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