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July 31, 2012



Do you know if the second one is supposed to be the word "Remed", or am I just stuck on the lettering down the left?

The first makes me think of Picasso's Guernica, but I guess it's just the bull.

Mick H

Yes, that's "Remed" down the side there on the second pic. The first pic has "Saner" and "Remed" over on the left.

You're right, that is a very Picasso-esque bull.


I meant the second pic is itself "remed", not just the lettering down the side. You have to look closely, although I admit the second "e" doesn't jump out at you.

Mick H

Ah sorry. I thought it was a funny question! Yes, I'm sure you're right, that is "Remed" - though as you say the second "E" is a bit problematic. Artistic license, I think.

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