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February 16, 2012


Rick C

there is zero evidence that life began in the sea. This is pure speculation based on a desire to prove evolution. This writer speaks of evolutions as a fact yet unless you have forgotten it is just a theory. The honest and well educated evolutionist have concluded that evolution is mathematically impossible but they chose to follow the theory rather than give credence to a creator. Why?

Mick H

Ah well, that's the internet for you. Try to write an interesting post and all you get is one comment, from an idiot.


Interesting. I would have thought that latitude and depth were just as much a barrier as a mountain range.

Perhaps the sea life at the Artic Ocean differs from that in Antarctic regions? Perhaps sea life in trenches is more variegate.

Also the fresh water origin is odd. If that were so then we would find different species of freshwater fish in each river, since some would never had adapted to the sea and consequently would have been unable to swim to the next river.

{hopefully slightly less idiotic}

Mick H

Indeed yes, a lot less idiotic.

[I was feeling a bit grumpy yesterday]

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