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January 17, 2012


Matthew Walker

You can't invoke anodyne figures like Saddam Hussein and expect to get any emotional traction with a guy like Steele. Tell 'im George Bush and Tony Blair had supporters, if you really want to communicate.

But then he might object to the hyperbole. I mean, one could almost understand comparing Assad to Hitler, but... Bush? That's pushing it a bit far.

Kellie Strøm

Brian Whitaker's own blog post on the subject, with working links, including to his post on an earlier article pushing this poll by Aisling Byrne of Alistair Crooke's Conflicts Forum:


Mick H

Thanks Kellie. Interesting.


Philip Giraldi "non-neocon". Sure, he is an accomplished paleo-con. But Whitaker vs Steele is a refreshing sight. Wow...

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