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August 01, 2009


Fabian from Israel

The letter wav in Hebrew as used as a conjunction "barak [wav]Bamah" means "and", not "from" or "in". And it will never have the sound of an "o" in that context, but a "oo".

So when the stupid idiot says that Barak [u]bama means "lightning from the heavens" or "lightning in the heavens" he is completely wrong.

The translation would really be "Lightning and Height" which is pretty nonsensical, you ought to agree.

But maybe Barak Obama is not the antiChrist! maybe it is Ehud Barak! :)

As an aside, lightning from the Heavens would be in Hebrew "Barak MeHaShamaim" and lightning in the Heavens would be "Barak baShamaim"

If you want to use "Bamah" has Heaven, you really need to twist its meaning a lot, because Bamah means High place, and it is used for example for a Theater stage where the actors play.


Fabian; well the theater part certainly fits...;) http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2009/07/obamas_revealing_body_language.html


Back in the day it was Reagan who was supposed to be the anti-Christ.

You see, his three names - Ronald Wilson Reagan - have 6 letters each and
666 is the number of the beast, man!

There people who actually believed this.

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