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August 24, 2007


Richard Dell

"What teachings, of what belief system - what verses permit all of this killing, destruction, and hellfire, with all its agony?"

Though Sinjari probably cannot bring himself to name the belief system, it does have a name, and the name is Islam. The "successes" of the Islamic "civilization" were always built on the labour and riches of others. Its current resurgence could not have happened without the need of more dynamic societies for oil, which by an accident of History, the Arabs are flush with.

Romans, Greeks, British and other empire builders used, with greater of lesser consideration, used others to create their works, but did not mind getting their own hands dirty and provided most of the intellectual drive themselves. Islamic societies never did such, even mental work is beneath the dignity of their elite - they were always parasitic. The current form of the virus may be more virulent than previous manifestations, but it is not different in kind.

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