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January 23, 2005



While they're at it, why don't they include the Armenian genocide too? I'm sure that would go down well with the MCB. Or if it's Muslim victims they're after, how about East Pakistan in 1971, Kurdistan in the late 1980s or Darfur now? All of them had a higher death toll than the "Palestinian Holocaust".

Mike Hill

And that guy, by his statement, is an extremist for liberal values in his community.


You're being a tad hard on Mr. Mahmood, M.P.; he's walking a tightrope going up against the Muslim Council and trying to avoid alienating his Muslim constituents. Without his seat in Parliament, he's just another voice. He didn't say anything anti-semitic and for that he should be given a bit it of wiggle room, eh?

Andrew Duffin

"He didn't say anything anti-semitic"


He said the people exterminated "were not just Jews" - the clear implication being, that if they had been "just Jews" then it wouldn't have been such a big deal.

If that's not anti-semitic, what is?


Too right, Andrew. Mahmood's a member of parliament and is meant to stand up for the interests of his constituents - such as not leaving them to be represented by a bunch of MCB racists - not to pander to baser prejudices.

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